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Best Way To Find The Cell Id location with MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID (CID)

Cellidfinder - could be a simple and helpful application which can assist you to discover the area of any GSM base station with MCC, MNC, LAC, CellId (CID) and put it on a Google outline.Jump To [hide] The article givespoint by pointenlightening for finding the area of GSM base stations utilizing cellidfinder service. What information are required to discover the facilitates of GSM Base Station? To localize the segment of the base station (CellId) you would like to know another 4 parameters: MCC — a PortableNation Code. This code recognizes the nation. For illustration, in China MCC is break even with to 460, in USA - 310, Hungary - 216, Belorussia - 257. MNC - a VersatileOrganize Code. This code distinguishes the mobile operator. The point by point table with MCC and MNC. LAC - Location Zone Code may be aspecial number of current areazone. A areazonemay be a set of base stations that are assembled together to optimize signalling. CellID (CID) — may be afor the most partone of a kind …

Deactivating Auto Deduct Of Airtime On MTN For Your Data Renew

Congratulations! Your Monthly 1.5GB data plan has been successfully renewed.

Is this the kind of message you are getting? Today, I will show you how to cancel auto-renewal on MTN, I know how it feels like spending or losing what you never planned to.Jump To [hide] Anyway, the auto-renewal feature was added to automatically renew your expired data bundle plan and ease you the stress of subscribing manually.

But most times, you don’t want it that way, right? All you want is to subscribe anytime you want to.

Follow the procedures below to opt-out of auto-renewal on any network.
How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On MTNFirst, dial *123*5*1# and reply 2 to check your existing plan.Now check out the list of MTN data plans in Nigeria and copy the subscription code.After that, send the No+Subscription code to 131.
For example, to cancel auto-renewal on MTN daily plan (50MB), SMS NO114 to 131.Cancel Auto Renewal For MTN 2G Data PlanMTN has a variety of data plans starting from hourly plans, daily, weekly, m…

Easy Way To Convert Your Airtime To Cash Without Stress

Have you ever tried to transfer money and mistakenly recharged your line? Or tried to buy airtime but bought more than intended? If you have, this is for you. I’m sure you might I’ve wondered, “what am I going to do with this extra cash? Or even, how do I get my cashback?” Well, it’s possible. This article covers a tutorial on how to convert airtime to cash easily.Jump To [hide]
How To Convert Airtime
You can convert airtime to cash using the Recharge2cash app, Airtimeflip app, Zoranga, Aimtoget, Cheetahpay e.t.c The steps to using these apps to convert airtime to cash are outlined below:Recharge2cash
Recharge2Cash makes it possible for you to convert your airtime to money deposited into your bank account.How to use: Open Recharge2Cash and click Convert AirtimeType your number and airtime amountClick Review RequestYou will see a phone number you should transfer the airtime to. Send it thereReturn to the app and click submit.
Note: Your wallet will be funded within 5 – 15 minutes, then you…

How You Can Register And Activate E-Sim In Nigeria

E-SIM simply put, is an embedded SIM that is soldered to the motherboard of smartphones and other similar gadgets. The fact that it soldered to the motherboards means there are going to be some differences in SIM management when compared to the likes of Macro SIMS. It is for this reason that we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to register and Activate E-sim in Nigeria.Jump To [hide]

The Introduction of E-sims brought some modifications to how sim cards are used. These modifications are counted as improvements that are facilitated by the advantages. The most prominent of them is the ease to which enthusiasts can now change their carrier.
E-SIMS are sort of modular in the sense that you can give you the power to change your carrier while without having to bother about getting a new sim card. It’s all software-based. This is opposed to the traditional method of having to get a new sim card when changing carriers.

Simply put, we can say that E-SIMS are universal and can be host to any…

How To Get Vodafone 200GB Free Data In This 2020

Hey in this blog post I will be sharing Vodafone free internet trick codes. If you are a Vodafone user looking for codes to enjoy free data. Don’t worry, in this article I have packaged all working Vodafone free browsing cheats. You can use these Vodafone free browsing codes to enjoy unlimited downloads. There are special Vodafone 4G free data code and Vodafone free Internet tricks 2020.Vodafone is one of the trusted telecommunication networks that ensures well being of their users. They give free data and roll out Vodafone free data offer on occasional basis. As a subscriber or use you are qualified for this to enjoy it.Jump To [hide]
Vodafone Free Internet Trick Codes 2020The following are tested cheats on Vodafone, the cheats are working perfect as of the time I published this post.Vodafone 30gb Free DataI will be showing you a simple hack that you can use and enjoy free 30gb on your Vodafone sim card. This cheat is not technical, you are required to dial few lines of code. And booo…

How To Activate MTN Mpulse Free Browsing Cheat 2020 Via Stark VPN Reloaded

MTN mpulse free browsing cheat is here again and better! with the help of the improved cheap bundles on the Mpulse tariff plan,  subscribers can activate data plans for as 200MB for N50 or 700MB for N150, However these data plans can be used access all sites using the Stark VPN Reloaded App buy following the steps provided on this article.Jump To [hide]
The mpulse free browsing is not New as it were, but it has a different dimension in this 2020 unlike when it was active using other VPNs like HTTP Injector or Spark VPN.This latest MTN mpulse free browsing cheat 2020 does not requires any configuration file that use to give trouble to many users and most of the time do expires and stops, but with Stark VPN Reloaded all settings are manually configured and never expired.Requirements for MTN Mpulse Free Browsing Cheat Using Stark VPN Reloaded 2020A modile device with MTN Nigeria sim 3g/4g in itAirtime balance of atleast N50If you are not on mpulse tariff plan Dial *344*1# and reply with 1…

Stark VPN Cheat For MTN Free Browsing Plus Configuration Settings

Hi! Naija Happy to see you again this month, Just like magic, it came like a surprise when we released the MTN latest cheat on psiphon handler, thought at the initial point many doubted that the MTN cheat was real. But with huge testimony, most of you guys have come to the reality that MTN free browsing cheat 2020 with unlimited data downloads.Jump To [hide]
In this post am going to show you how to activate MTN Unlimited free browsing cheat with Stark VPN , so Kindly follow the outlined steps below to activate and enjoy the latest cheat before MTN officers discovers it.What Is Stark VPN ?Stark VPN  is a Virtual Private Network app that routes our connection to another region so as to keep our online online activities and other use away from prying eyes such as our ISP. As you all know, the aim of this post is to get free unlimited internet access without having to spend a dime.How Do I Browse Free With This VPN ?Yes that’s a very nice question, I know most of us are not interested in t…

Get Free 500 megabyte Subscription Daily on MTN mPulse

The daily 500MB mPulse data offer is purposely launched for accessing selected e-learning websites for primary, secondary, and tertiary education in order to improve their knowledge while at homeJump To [hide] The new normal for learning made brighter by MTN. Get FREE 500MB daily data for your teens and tweens to learn, play and shine on MPulse. Visit for more.— MTN Nigeria (@MTNNG) August 7, 2020Note:- that MTN mPulse Tariff Plan is totally different from the normal MTN Pulse Tariff Plan that we all know, so you should be right to read on the articles we already created before now.
Features of MTN MPulseThe MTN MPulse service has two features which are;mPulse tariffmPulse websiteThe Benefit of MTN mPulsemPulse website with fun and educational content. data bundles for the mPulse at 700MB for N150 and 200MB for N50.Special Birthday reward of N200 airtime.Free WhatsApp monthly…

Mtn 0.0k free browsing 2020 – Tweakware Settings For Mtn Unlimited August

Actually it’s as been long since we enjoy unlimited free browsing both in the aspect of cheat and trick on all provided Internet service providers in Nigeria and other Africa countries, here we present to you mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing for tweakware settings for mtn unlimited and how you can browsing unlimited with the help of this VPN this is latest free browsing cheat that is currently discovered recently July 2020 and it’s mtn 0.0k free browsing for mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing.Jump To [hide] The rate at which we get free browsing cheats nowadays as been very hard due to some difficulties that we append to our self I hope you know what I mean by that, as I can remember the last time we enjoy such
unlimited browsing cheat is on 9mobile which is 9mobile unlimited browsing cheat view a plan call 9mobile social pack and was later blocked or revise to be 2.5GB cheat or 3.5GB cheat lol dose That doesn’t reach people most nowadays so here is another unlimited browsing cheat view t…

How To Get 9mobile Free 7GB Data By Activating 9mobile eSim

As of last month Mtn Announced and Said that Nigeria will be the first Nation to experience the word of there great invitation which is the mtn invisible sim technology aspect called Mtn eSim gud the invention it’s still on progress, so 9mobile doesn’t relent too they also just announce their own great invention which also the invisible sim aspect called 9mobile eSim and after the activation of the sim the customer will be granted 9mobile free 7GB data upon activation of the sim called esim for free.Jump To [hide]
Technology is going widely to the extent that our network provider are also trying to make us enjoy the aid of the Artificial Intelligence by bringing up the invention which of and invisible sim (eSim) which will save their customers from many things that we stated some related benefit of this sim on our article about the Mtn eSim this seems to be related article with same tactics and we still have to explain some of the benefit of the 9mobile eSim including the 9mobile free …

How To Get Airtel 1GB Free Data Valid For Three Day In 2020

We actually enjoy something like this in Nigeria where by when we download My Airtel App and sign-up to the app we were being granted with Airtel free data worth of 1GB data same applicable to this but in different ways because it seems to be for Bharti Airtel users only the Airtel 1GB free data.Jump To [hide]
Airtel also grant us free 3GB data when we download My Airtel Online Movie App and also valid for 6 days which is being used for the app only and the this bharti airtel is specifically for Indians which we will like to inform our Indians viewers about the free 1GB data and how to get can it for free. 
It’s simple in such a way that whenever you hear anything Bharti Airtel is specified to be an Airtel network service provided for Indian worldwide. And we are about to announce the Airtel 1GB free data to them. 
How To Activate Airtel 1GB Free Data In 2020The Airtel Free data is said to be given when you purchase some data. You can only get the free 1GB data when you purchase data wor…

Free Browsing Cheat Setting For Stark VPN with 50MB Daily In 2020

This post contains two Stark VPN settings for MTN 50MB daily free browsing cheat. One is for subscribers on MTN MPulse tariff while the other one is for other MTN users on any tariff.
Stark VPN settings for MTN mpulse free browsing cheat serves as an alternative to blocked MTN Hammer VPN cheat which stopped working which stopped working sometime ago.Jump To [hide]
However, don’t get to much excitement yet because the Stark VPN cheat is not unlimited but capped at just 50mb per day which is a far cry from Hammer VPN that offers unlimited free browsing on MTN network.
But be it as it may, 50mb daily is a decent volume of data considering it’s completely free.
You can use this data on any social media platform of your choice, browse the internet, send and read mails as well as achieve other things on the web without subscribing for expensive data bundles.
Stark VPN is an app that help you bypass firewall restrictions so that you can access blocked websites and unlock IPs of different countrie…