Best Way To Find The Cell Id location with MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID (CID)

Cellidfinder - could be a simple and helpful application which can assist you to discover the area of any GSM base station with MCC, MNC, LAC, CellId (CID) and put it on a Google outline.

The article gives point by point enlightening for finding the area of GSM base stations utilizing cellidfinder service. 

What information are required to discover the facilitates of GSM Base Station? 

To localize the segment of the base station (CellId) you would like to know another 4 parameters: 

  1. MCC — a Portable Nation Code. This code recognizes the nation. For illustration, in China MCC is break even with to 460, in USA - 310, Hungary - 216, Belorussia - 257. 
  2. MNC - a Versatile Organize Code. This code distinguishes the mobile operator. The point by point table with MCC and MNC. 
  3. LAC - Location Zone Code may be a special number of current area zone. A area zone may be a set of base stations that are assembled together to optimize signalling. 
  4. CellID (CID) — may be a for the most part one of a kind number utilized to distinguish each Base handset station (BTS) or division of a BTS inside a Area zone code.

Where can you get this data? 

The information are taken from the Net screen. Net screen could be a extraordinary application for versatile phones or other gadgets that permits you to induce the specialized parameters of the versatile organize. There are a incredible assortment of free net screens for diverse gadgets in Google play and App store. In expansion, when advanced GPS tracker has destitute satellites flag gathering it sends to the proprietor not facilitates, but parameters of the mobile base station: MCC, MNC, LAC, Cellid. In this case cellidfinder can assist you to change over this parameters to assessed arranges and put a area of GSM base station on the Google map. 


Cellidfinder looks the arranges of base stations within the Google and Yandex databases. It ought to be famous that we get the approximate location of CellID. The foremost exact area is decided utilizing the averaging work, which calculates the facilitates in all sectors (CellID) of one base station and after that calculate the normal esteem.

How to use CellIDfinder? 

To stark work with this benefit you would like to introduce any net screen on your Smartphone. Here is one great option. Turn on application and see the desired parameters.

In this case we can see:

MCC = 257 (Belorussia)
MNC = 02 (MTS)
LAC = 16
CID = 2224
Input these parameters within the search shape on the most page. LAC and CID may be presented in a decimal or hexadecimal frame. You wish to input one of this frame and other will be completed consequently. At that point select "Google information", "Yandex information" and in case you wish tall exactness "Averaging". Press "Look CellId".


 As a result we fair have gotten the arranges of current CellId. Besides Google information and Yandex information are nearly indistinguishable, so CellId is put very precisely on the Google outline. In numerous cases Yandex information can be inaccessible.

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