Free Browsing Cheat Setting For Stark VPN with 50MB Daily In 2020

This post contains two Stark VPN settings for MTN 50MB daily free browsing cheat. One is for subscribers on MTN MPulse tariff while the other one is for other MTN users on any tariff.

Stark VPN settings for MTN mpulse free browsing cheat serves as an alternative to blocked MTN Hammer VPN cheat which stopped working which stopped working sometime ago.

However, don’t get to much excitement yet because the Stark VPN cheat is not unlimited but capped at just 50mb per day which is a far cry from Hammer VPN that offers unlimited free browsing on MTN network.

But be it as it may, 50mb daily is a decent volume of data considering it’s completely free.

You can use this data on any social media platform of your choice, browse the internet, send and read mails as well as achieve other things on the web without subscribing for expensive data bundles.

Stark VPN is an app that help you bypass firewall restrictions so that you can access blocked websites and unlock IPs of different countries for free.

Having said that, you have to follow the guidelines below in order to benefit from this trending cheat.


This method requires you must be on MTN MPulse plan.


  • Your registered MTN SIM card.
  • Your Android phone.
  • An mPulse data plan.
  • Stark VPN app.
  • 3G or 4G network.
  • Patience.


To be eligible to use this new MTN MPulse free browsing cheat on your phone, you need to migrate to MTN mPulse data plan. After that, install latest Stark VPN from the link provided below and apply the settings accordingly.


  • Download Stark VPN Reloaded app from HERE.
  • Launch the app on your Android phone
  • Navigate to “Tweak” and select “Custom“.
Stark VPN Reloaded - New Stark VPN - Apps on Google Play

  • Tap the “CUSTOM” bottoms with red background
  • Next select Connection Mode as “HTTP“
  • For Server Port, enter “8080“
  • For Host Header, enter ““
  • On the Select Header Line Type option, select “Multiline“
  • Then Skip Reverse Proxy and go to Proxy Host and enter ““
  • Under Proxy Port enter “8080“
  • Finally, go back and hit the Connect Button.
Once connected, you can open any other app on your phone to browse for free. It’s as simple as that.


This method doesn’t require that you must be on any tariff. In order words, it works on all tariff.

All you need is to apply the settings below in your Stark VPN app.


  • Install Stark VPN Reloaded.
  • Open it and tap on “CUSTOM‘.
  • Under ‘Select Connection Mode’, select ‘HTTP‘.
  • Under ‘Server Port’, enter ‘8080‘.
  • Under ‘Host Header’, type ‘‘.
  • Under ‘Select Header Line Type’ leave it on ‘singleline’.
  • Ignore ‘Reverse Proxy’.
  • Under ‘Proxy Host’, enter ‘‘.
  • Now under ‘Port’, change from ‘0’ to ‘8080‘.
  • Go back and click on ‘Tweaks‘.
  • Change it to ‘Custom‘ and connect.
Alternatively, you can still activate this cheat without applying the settings but a preloaded tweak.

To activate Stark VPN MTN cheat using Inbuilt tweak, follow these procedures;

Open Stark VPN Reloaded.
Click on ‘Tweaks’.
Change tweaks from ‘None’ to ‘MTN 50 MB Daily‘.
Go back and connect.
That’s all about the latest MTN free browsing cheat using Stark VPN.


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