How To Get 9mobile Free 7GB Data By Activating 9mobile eSim

As of last month Mtn Announced and Said that Nigeria will be the first Nation to experience the word of there great invitation which is the mtn invisible sim technology aspect called Mtn eSim gud the invention it’s still on progress, so 9mobile doesn’t relent too they also just announce their own great invention which also the invisible sim aspect called 9mobile eSim and after the activation of the sim the customer will be granted 9mobile free 7GB data upon activation of the sim called esim for free.

Technology is going widely to the extent that our network provider are also trying to make us enjoy the aid of the Artificial Intelligence by bringing up the invention which of and invisible sim (eSim) which will save their customers from many things that we stated some related benefit of this sim on our article about the Mtn eSim this seems to be related article with same tactics and we still have to explain some of the benefit of the 9mobile eSim including the 9mobile free data aspect attached to it.

Benefit Of 9Mobile eSim In Respect  To Old 9mobile old Sim

This process and benefit of this invisible sim called esim is being explain on the article called Mtn Invisible Sim Mtn eSim article you can check it out to find some related benefit of advantage that we might not be able to mention here:
eSim techieds
  • The sim is said to be invisible which eSim knows to be embedded on mobile devices.
  • No more sim swap no more buying of plenty sim to be able to make use of multiple or triple numbers.
  • That is the  9mobile eSim Support usage of multiple numbers which is more than one number on a single eSim.
  • And you don’t need to perform Sim Swap again because it will be hard for such sim to be lost unless the device with the sim was stolen.
  • In 9mobile eSim activation aspect said to come with free 9mobile 7GB data once activation is complete.
  • No more cutting of sim either from Micro or Nano sim that we always do before we are able to make use of the sim.
  • The major benefit of the  sim called invisible sim are all stated above straight in layman language just to make you all. Understand what it takes to get or purchase your own 9mobile esim.

How To Activate 9mobile eSim And Get Your Own 9mobile Free 7GB Data

No any long process on the 9mobile eSim activation process for 9mobile as announced that:

  • Once any customers was able to activate his/her own esim he will be granted 9mobile free 7GB Data Straight to his line.
  • New customers can go ahead to purchase the sim from any close 9mobile shop outlet worldwide.
  • And old customers can also visit any of their shop to perform one time sim swap to the latest sim called 9mobile eSim.
  • After successful purchasing or swapping of the sim, then your sim will be loaded with the free 7GB data at once that is valid for 30 days.

How To Get The 9mobile eSim ( 9mobile Invisible Sim)

  • Process in getting this sim is different from the old process of getting or purchasing the eSim.
  • Which 9mobile eSim are  all embedded on some certain mobile devices.
  • And support some highly recommended mobile with high brand devices.
  • Which we’ve already mentioned some on the  mtn esim review.
  • Part of the device are smartphone devices like iPhones, Samsung products, Google pixel smartphones, Huawei products and more.
Not all stated mobile devices came with the sim but some specific model which whenever you visit any of the 9mobile shows you will be also to know which of the stated above devices are eligible to make use of the 9mobile esim and get the 9mobile free 7GB Data.

eSim Techieds


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