How To Get Airtel 1GB Free Data Valid For Three Day In 2020

We actually enjoy something like this in Nigeria where by when we download My Airtel App and sign-up to the app we were being granted with Airtel free data worth of 1GB data same applicable to this but in different ways because it seems to be for Bharti Airtel users only the Airtel 1GB free data.

Airtel also grant us free 3GB data when we download My Airtel Online Movie App and also valid for 6 days which is being used for the app only and the this bharti airtel is specifically for Indians which we will like to inform our Indians viewers about the free 1GB data and how to get can it for free. 

It’s simple in such a way that whenever you hear anything Bharti Airtel is specified to be an Airtel network service provided for Indian worldwide. And we are about to announce the Airtel 1GB free data to them. 
Airtel Techieds

How To Activate Airtel 1GB Free Data In 2020

  • The Airtel Free data is said to be given when you purchase some data. 
  • You can only get the free 1GB data when you purchase data worth Rs. 48.
  • It was said that the free data is attached to the data plan. 
  • Which is a Rs. 48 data plan and it’s said to be an Airtel 3GB plan. 
  • So for the current 2020 July when you purchase Rs. 48 plan of 3GB,  You get 4GB instead. 
  • And it’s said that the data is valid for just three days respectively. 
It’s just simple if you purchase the plan you get your  free data and get to make use of it within three days which tends to high speed data that you can browse with faster on your Bharti Airtel. 

Some comparison to our own personal airtel free 1GB through my Airtel app and it’s eligible to all users which is still working when you insert the airtel new sim to phone and sign-up with the app, but this Bharti Airtel 1GB free data is different because it’s not for all India Airtel customers it’s randomly plan that it’s just pick any activate users to be eligible for it. 


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