Mtn 0.0k free browsing 2020 – Tweakware Settings For Mtn Unlimited August

Actually it’s as been long since we enjoy unlimited free browsing both in the aspect of cheat and trick on all provided Internet service providers in Nigeria and other Africa countries, here we present to you mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing for tweakware settings for mtn unlimited and how you can browsing unlimited with the help of this VPN this is latest free browsing cheat that is currently discovered recently July 2020 and it’s mtn 0.0k free browsing for mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing.
The rate at which we get free browsing cheats nowadays as been very hard due to some difficulties that we append to our self I hope you know what I mean by that, as I can remember the last time we enjoy such

unlimited browsing cheat is on 9mobile which is 9mobile unlimited browsing cheat view a plan call 9mobile social pack and was later blocked or revise to be 2.5GB cheat or 3.5GB cheat lol dose That doesn’t reach people most nowadays so here is another unlimited browsing cheat view tweakware settings on mtn 0.0k unlimited, when I say 0.0k it’s mean no zero data zero airtime. Let’s check out some reasons for this cheat. 

Require For The Mtn 0.0k Free Browsing On Tweakware VPN 2020

  • Mtn sim without data or airtime on it is needed (Mtn 0.0k).
  • The mtn sim tariff plan should be Mtn Mpulse.
  • VPN name Tweakware VPN is needed Get one from Here.
  • A strong internet connection 3G or 4G network. 

After you have gotten the requirements then you are good to go, let go now about the settings on Mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing on tweakware VPN.

Tweakware Settings For Mtn 0.0K Unlimited Free Browsing 2020

Tweakware Techieds
  • On the VPN main menu hit on the second button, you find on the center screen of the app menu.
  • The button entails the VPN tweaks.
  • Now make a selection on the tweak name New Mtn Ng 0.0k Free 1.
Tweakware Techieds
  • Or the other one that entails New Mtn Ng 0.0K 2.
  • Both works on the same aspects move to the server and select any free server of your choice.
Tweakware Techieds
  • Now hit the connect button and wait for some sec for the VPN to engage in connection. 
Tweakware Techieds
After it’s connected you can now start browsing unlimitedly with your mtn sim 0.0k on the VPN connected with your device. 

Note: Make sure you don’t have any airtime or data on your sim before you test the tweak and also your mtn sim tariff plan must be on Mtn Mpulse plan to get the cheat workout for you.

Features Of Tweakware VPN In Respect To The Mtn 0.0K Unlimited Free browsing

  • The Tweakware VPN is fast in connection.
  • No delay in the connection process.
  • It’s different for other VPNs.
  • Tweakware VPN also has a premium service at a cheaper rate that makes you browse without service connection problems.
  • The Mtn 0.0K unlimited cheat for Mtn 0.0K free browsing on tweakware is available only on this VPN for now.
  • This Tweakware settings for Mtn 0.0k are unlimited and it’s tested and 100% working.
Hope you are not able to download high with the help of this mtn unlimited cheat?
If so let us know to view the comments section and state issues you might be facing when trying to set up the free browsing cheat on the comment section too.


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