How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock FREE Methods

In this article, I will explain different ways to quickly and easily bypass the iCloud Activation Lock. Best of all these techniques are completely FREE.

These solutions have helped me, and over 129,659 of my readers, to successfully figure out how to do an iCloud bypass.

Let’s go…

What is the iCloud Activation Lock?

The iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature of iOS and iPadOS, Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch.
The lock’s purpose is to protect your iPhone and its data if it is stolen or lost.

For example, it protects the iPhone and prevents it from being set up until the owner’s details, including the Apple ID password, are typed into the device. Without these security details, the device can’t be used by anyone but the original owner.

The lock is tied to another Apple security system called Find My iPhone which helps locate a missing device. Both Find My iPhone and the Activation Lock are automatically enabled when a device is first set up.

The big challenge is when you buy a used device and find it is unusable due to it being iCloud locked.

Can the Activation Lock be removed?

After a lot of research and trial and error, I did find a way of bypassing the Activation Lock screen.
Better than that, I didn’t just find out how to temporarily bypass it but I also found out how to remove it permanently, which is brilliant news.

In total, I found 3 free options, and 2 paid unlocking methods which will give you a wide variety of things for you to try out on your own device.

Here are the conclusions of my research:

  • The iCloud Activation Lock can be bypassed
  • Before you agree to buy a used device you should:
  • always check the device isn’t activation locked
  • check the device you’re about to buy hasn’t been logged as stolen on
  • If you already bought the device it is pointless doing the checks I mentioned in point 2 (above) but you can still bypass the lock:
  • If you want the quickest, easiest, and the most permanent solution you have to pay to have your device bypassed
  • You can unlock iCloud for free but only with the co-operation of the original owner or seller
  • You can also potentially have your device unlocked by Apple if you have the original receipt
  • Bypassing the iCloud lock using DNS can get you some functionality back
  • There are lots of scammers offering iCloud bypass systems so be careful when picking one

Recommended iCloud Activation Lock removal solutions

After many hours I found 5 solutions (3 of which are FREE) which are summarised below:

  1. Pay to have the iCloud Activation Lock bypassed (reliable, fast, and easy – but costs money)
  2. Try using a free trial version of iBypasser to remove the lock (works for some – free trial but costs money to finalize unlock)
  3. Ask the original owner to remove iCloud Activation Lock (free but requires co-operation from the previous owner)
  4. Have Apple remove the iCloud Activation Lock (free but you need the original purchase receipt)
  5. Bypass Activation Lock using DNS (free but only offers limited device usage)

  • Pay to have the Activation Lock bypassed

There are many websites that claim to bypass the Activation Lock screen. Unfortunately, most of them are scams, that offer things like:

PDF downloads that claim to give the answer – after you buy them you find out they don’t

Online tools that do real-time unlocking in your web browser. These are simply an excuse to get you to click pop-up ads

Software downloads that bring viruses with them that infect your computer. Plus they don’t work

So be careful when it comes to trying these types of tools on your iPadOS or iOS device.

I would recommend IMEIdoctor based on their track record, customer feedback, and responsiveness.

They scored top in my latest review of suppliers conducted this year. Unlike most of the others that try to lure unsuspecting visitors with lies they actually do a good job.

Bypass activation with IMEIdoctor

IMEIdoctor normally takes 5 days to complete an unlock, but you can pay an extra fee of around $10 USD for a 24-hour turnaround.

They charge from $40 USD or £35.99 GBP but the actual price varies with the model you want to be unlocked.

The process is really easy and requires no technical skills. You provide them with the device details and a few days later it is unlocked. This makes it the best method if you aren’t technical, or just want it done without your involvement.

It is also the best choice if you can’t contact the original owner of the device, or Apple refuses to help.

1. Go to IMEIdoctor and pick the model of the iPhone or iPad from the drop-down menu and enter the IMEI or serial number in the box on the screen.

To find out your IMEI code:

Method 1: For most Devices (except the iPhone 5 and 6) the IMEI is printed on the SIM tray. Pop it out using a paperclip or the SIM removal tool.

Method 2: If you have an iPhone 5 or 6 your IMEI is printed on the back of the device. flip it over and you’ll see it near the bottom.

Method 3: If your iPhone is not activated, there will be a little “i” button on the screen, tap it and you’ll see the IMEI

2. Click the “Remove Activation Lock” button.

3. You will be sent to the secure checkout. Enter your email address so that you can be kept up-to-date with the unlocking process.

4. Click the ‘Continue’ button and provide your payment details and you’re done!

5. If they believe they can unlock your iPhone you will get confirmation of your order and a request for payment of the completion fee.

6. Sit back and wait for the unlock to be processed.

7. Once complete, set up your device with your own iCloud account and use it normally.

For more information and to buy an unlock go to the IMEIdoctor website.

2: Try a free trial version of iBypasser to remove the lock
iBypasser is a software tool that claims to unlock iOS devices, but it only works in some very specific circumstances that are described on their website.

OK, it is not strictly free as you have to buy a license to ‘finalize’ an unlock but bear with me – it is still worth trying.


Well, it offers a free trial version that you can try out before you commit to buying.

Once downloaded and installed you can go through the iCloud unlock process iBypasser provides to see if it will work on your device. Doing this using the free version means you can see if it will work without spending any money.

If it looks promising then you know you have a low-cost backup plan to get your device working if none of the other methods in this article work for you.

The only downside is that you need to have an Apple Mac computer to use this software.

As I said, the trial version doesn’t finalize the unlock but it does allow you to connect up your iPadOS or iOS device and try out the product. So it is free to test it out.

If it looks like the lock may work you can go ahead and buy a copy safe in the knowledge it will work. I have even managed to negotiate a discount for you to keep the price as affordable as possible.

iBypasser also has a brilliant 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are unhappy for whatever reason after your purchase it is straightforward to request a refund.

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