How To Solve Temporary Limited Issues On Lethoso Paypal

Welcome to Techied Blog, are you having issues with your Lesotho PayPal?I will provide in depth details on how to solve temporally limited Lesotho PayPal account.

But before that, what is a Lesotho PayPal?

What is Lesotho PayPal

Lesotho PayPal is a PayPal account that PayPal Company has made available for the citizens of Lesotho. It can be accessed via Now, each country has its various PayPal account just as Nigerians has and of which has various features and limit. That’s for every country there is a PayPal account set aside for them.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal Account

The whole procedure to create a Lesotho paypal account is summarize in 4 steps, and there:

  • Go to Lesotho PayPal webpage
  • Click on signup with a business account
  • Fill in your credentials accordingly
  • Verify your email and thereabout

After series of research, I discovered that there are two method of paypal Limitations. Temporary and permanent limitation. In whatever form it is, account limitation by PayPal prevents the user from performing several transactions on that account. What are account limitations? Account limitations are temporary restrictions placed on a specific account that could prevent withdrawing, sending, or receiving money. Having limitations on an account doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done anything wrong. Rather, they’re used to help protect both the buyer and the seller.

PayPal Account Permanently Limited? Here is what you should know and do!

When Your PayPal is Permanently limited, it invariably implies that  You can no longer use That PayPal account again. When you login your account, You will see the notification as shown below.

In This sad and horrible situation, You cannot Restore Your account nor spend the funds therein. After 180days (6months) paypal will personally contact you that your funds are now available for withdrawal. You will only login and find a way to get your money out but you won’t be able to use the account again.. (There’s No Remedy to Reinstate Permanently limited PayPal).

PayPal Account Temporarily limited? Here is what you should know immediately

In this case, if your paypal account is  Temporary limitated, then you can absolutely find a way to fix it  by submitting one or more documents depending on paypal demand.
PayPal Limitation Requests will vary depending on the issue but some possibilities are:
  • Invoices from your suppliers
  • Information about payments
  • Proof of shipment, tracking information, and buyers’ information
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identity
Unlike permanent limitation where you aren’t given the option to restore account. When your PayPal Is temporarily limited, You will be given options to submit documents and once you do them right, You will be able to get your account back with ease. When paypal account get limited, How can one Fix it?

PayPal Account Limited How To Fix

Practically, from the information provided above, you should understand technically that  If your PayPal account is Permanently limited, You will not be able to restore it but if it’s a temporary limited issue then it’s a matter of Getting the required documents,necessary information and submitting  them accordingly to PayPal without mistakes or error.

To do this, you need the services of a professional who is well experienced  to avoid loosing access to your PayPal and hard earned income. Kindly contact us  for a reasonable fees and get it delivered within 1-7 days maximum.

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