SP Flash Tool (Error decoding) And How To Fix Them

When flashing a Lenovo phone with Smart Phone FlashTool, various errors may appear before the process starts or at a certain stage of the firmware.

As a result, we cannot complete the process and get a four-digit code from SP FlashTool

Explanation of common errors:


The problem is with the port.

This error occurs if com ports are disabled in the BIOS (Despite the fact that in this case the com port is virtual and physical USB is used, but when you connect the device, you simply will not see the equipment on which the preloader drivers are installed).

There may be a problem in the USB cable (Changing the USB firmware cable will help).

The problem is directly in the USB port of the computer (Changing the USB port will help).


The size of any part of the firmware exceeds the size of the space allotted to it (Usually this is a kernel block or recovery).

Also, this error sometimes appears when using "raw" versions of FlashTool. Changing the flash tool version will help


The error in nature and direction is similar to error 1003. Solutions must be sought on the same principle.

Reduce the recording speed in the program settings. Tab: Options -\u003e DA Download All -\u003e Speed \u200b\u200b-\u003e Full Speed.

Also, changing the firmware version to v5 can help.


Scatter file does not fit the phone. For example, the name contains 6592, and the phone is actually 6589

Resolved by replacing or modifying the scatter file.


On phones with MTD flash, cases of error occurrence:

When selecting Download, the preloader or dsp_bl blocks do not have a check mark. You need to use the appropriate version of SPFT, for example v2.xxx for MT6573 phones, or turn off DA Download All mode.

When you select Download, the preloader or dsp_bl blocks are checked. Need to uncheck these blocks! If these blocks need to be flashed - connect the phone in BOOTROM mode.

When choosing ReadBack, Format or MemoryTest. Connect the phone in BOOTROM mode.


There may be a connection problem.

Check the cable and / or reconnect the cable to another port. Do not use cable too long


Perhaps in the program window SP_Flash_Tool there is no daw on uboot. uboot - bootloader of the operating system + drivers for initializing the main equipment (display, processor, GPIO).

Or there are folder names in the path bar for example: D: \\ Firmware \\ .... \\


The problem with the hardware or Scatter file does not fit the phone. For example, the name contains emmc, and the phone is actually with MTD flash.


Occurs with automatic formatting, you need to try to set the formatting addresses manually.


SP Flash Tool The address of the PMT block on the flash device does not match that in the scatter file.

The PMT block must be deleted through the "Format" tab, and fill in a new one from the scatter file via the "Download" button and the SP Flash Tool will re-write to the flash new data about the PMT block and others too.


Change the USB port and transfer the SP Flash Tool to the root of drive C:

There is also an option that there is no CPU / flash information in the download agent file. The solution is to upgrade the version of FlashTool.

The problem can be hardware, for example, 4001 error occurs when Flash-memory fails.


Changing the version of the flasher, possibly to an older version.

Change the cable for firmware.

Charge the battery before flashing the phone and try flashing again.


In addition to reading errors in the phone itself, the same error occurs with errors in the PC file system. For example, there is not enough space for the file, or the file cannot be overwritten because it is locked. Perhaps fill the firmware from 8 GB to 4 GB device. To clarify, you need to look at the log file.


An error associated with an invalid preloader block, possibly changing the firmware or version will help. On a device with an MT6589 processor, the problem was solved by formatting the phone, and uploading firmware from scratch.

Perhaps you should reinstall the drivers and format again, and then reflash if the previous attempt was unsuccessful.


The block sizes in PMT and scatter.txt do not match. It is necessary to search for a line in the BROM_DLL log.

size changed from 0x

It often happens

Partition 13 (USRDATA) size changed from 0x0000000000000000 to 0x000000000B620000

If there is no size on the MTK processor, there is no size in the scatter, and SPFT itself calculates the size of USRDATA based on the size of the flash and the space under BMTPOOL. And in the PMT tables inside the body, the size of the blocks is registered and in this case someone or something registered there zero: sh_ok:. To treat this case, you can rename scatter.txt USRDATA to __NODL_USRDATA ... but now 8038 may occur due to a difference in names. In the general case, this error is treated by loading all the blocks (maybe one usrdata is enough), after that the size in PMT should change to the correct one.


You must reinstall the drivers.


Incorrect files. There are no necessary files in the folder with the scatter file.


Reduce the recording speed in the program settings. Tab: Options -\u003e DA Download All -\u003e Speed \u200b\u200b-\u003e Full Speed


This occurs if the names or addresses of the blocks in the scatter are different from the table inside the phone (PMT). You need to look at SP_FLASH_TOOL.log and look for the string NOT MATCH in it

NandLayoutParameter :: CompareIsNandLayoutMatched (): NOT MATCH: load item key (CUSTPACK2), value (0x3444000), target item key (CUSTPACK), value (0x3444000)

in this example, in the scatter file, replace the name CUSTPACK2 with CUSTPACK. If there are several differences, then this error will occur until the scatter after the corrections made becomes identical to PMT. You can immediately fix everything by comparing the tables in the log just above the NOT MATCH line. The first of the scatter, the second of the PMT phone. All block names in scatter must be the same as in the second table


The error is similar in nature to 8038, but in practice editing scatter.txt does not help.

You can try flashing through the DOWNLOAD button with all the checkmarks installed.

The previous options did not help - to restore the device through the programmer.


The firmware is designed for one platform, trying to flash firmware from another (for example, you have 6592, and you are trying to flash firmware from the device to 6589, etc.)

Try changing the version of the flasher program.

SP Flash Tool is a flashing application which helps to take backup of your device’s firmware or flash the firmware back to your device. It is compatible with the MediaTek powered devices and works with almost all the MediaTek Devices like Smartphones, Smartwatches etc. Tough the application is simple to use but it throws many errors without proper information. 

If you're facing another Error that's not listed here, you are free to mention it for us at comment box, for us to get the solution for you, thanks for visit.

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