The Easiest Way To Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Your Phone

It's as frustrating as having a flat tire when you pop out your wireless Earbuds from its case and your Bluetooth plays pranks on you. You may become a bit tensed trying to fathom where the problem is coming from; leaving you with if your phone has issues, or it's just the Bluetooth device not willing to cooperate.

Well, if you're in such a situation, you're not alone. It has happened virtually to everyone using any Bluetooth device, including some of us at Carlcare. That makes us bring up this ultimate guide on how to fix Bluetooth not working on Android.

The Easiest Way To Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Your Phone

Restart the device

First thing first! There could be some anomalies in the system altering the connection between your Bluetooth device and the phone. Software related issues like this are solved by restarting your phone.

Just click and hold the power button, then tap 'Restart'. Otherwise, you could also restart your phone by long-pressing the power button for about 8-10 seconds.

Turn off and turn on the Bluetooth connection again

Sometimes,  to fix Android Bluetooth not working, you might just need restarting it; especially if it's been left switched on for a while. Therefore, all you need to do is just simply off/on the Bluetooth connection.

  • Swipe down the quick-setting panel
  • You'll see the Bluetooth icon, tap on it to switch it off.
  • Now tap on it again to turn it on.

As well as restarting your Bluetooth connection, kindly restart the Bluetooth device as well.

Clear the Bluetooth cache and data.

If the Bluetooth is not connecting to android properly, you might have to clear the stored app data and cache for the Bluetooth app. Just like every other app on your phone, Bluetooth also stores some data temporarily. To clear this, kindly head over to settings.

  • Open your device Settings
  • Click on 'Apps & notifications'
  • Depending on your Android version, kindly tap an option to display all apps.
  • Now tap the 3-dot icon in the top-right corner for more options, then click 'Show system'
  • Now scroll through the apps until you locate 'Bluetooth', then tap it.
  • Tap on 'Storage & cache'. You can now clear both the storage and cache data from the menu.
  • After that, reconnect with your Bluetooth device to see if it works.

Remove all the paired devices and repair them.

Similarly, as clearing the app data and cache, you may also find luck by repairing with your Bluetooth device; as in, remove and add them again.

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Tap 'Connected Devices’
  • Tap 'Bluetooth'
  • Now select 'Previously connected devices'
  • Locate your Bluetooth device from the list and tap on the Settings icon next to it.
  • Tap 'Forget' on the screen and confirm it.

Now go back to the Bluetooth menu and tap on 'Pair new device' to repair your Bluetooth device. If it works out, enjoy your Bluetooth device now.

Enter Safe Mode to connect the Bluetooth

Booting into Safe Mode is one of the commonest ways of troubleshooting an Android device. When you enter into Safe Mode, it loads the device without any third-party app and paves the way to diagnose if the problem is caused by an app. Follow the steps below to get into Safe Mode.

  • Hold the power button until the power menu appears.
  • Tap and hold on "Power off" until you see the "Reboot to Safe Mode" window. (Note: if you use HiOS or XOS, kindly hold down the XOS/HiOS logo in the power menu instead.)
  • Now tap 'Ok'

After your device finishes booting up, try connecting to your Bluetooth device again. If it works, that means the Android Bluetooth, not working problem is caused by a third party app you recently installed. Locate such apps and uninstall them.

To go back to the normal system, simply restart your phone.

Check with other devices.

Before getting even more infuriated with the Bluetooth problem android, try connecting with other devices. This will help you determine if the problem is coming from your phone or the device. For example, you can try connecting to a wristwatch instead, if you're having issues connecting to your earbuds.

Update the software.

Similar to some other software-related issues on Android phones, a bug in the software may cause your Bluetooth device not to connect properly. Here, you may need to install any pending updates for your phone. To do this, kindly head over to your phone settings.

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap 'System’
  • Select 'System Update'
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to check and install any pending updates.

Now try connecting to your Bluetooth device to see if it works. Continue to other solutions below if it's still not working.

Hardware problem?

By this time, you should be able to fix your Bluetooth problem on android and continue enjoying your piece of tech. Otherwise, if all the solutions above do not work, take your phone to the official service center.

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