Easiest Way to repair broken Tech

Easiest Way to repair broken touchpad connector on motherboard.

This is an Easiest Way that can help you to repair your broken touchpad connector in your motherboard or Laptop.

In this post I will explain to you how you can repair your broken touchpad cable connector on a motherboard. you have to follow the steps carefully so that you will understand it every well.

Let’s say you were fixing a laptop yourself and accidentally damaged the touchpad connector or any other similar connector. The problem is the touchpad connector soldered to the motherboard and it’s impossible to replace it with regular soldering tools. Also, these connectors are not sold separately which makes the replacement even more impossible.

Hence; On the following picture you see a typical touchpad connector. The connector has а white base (permanently attached to the motherboard) and locking tab (moving part).

In order to unlock the connector you lift up the left side of the locking tab. The locking tap opens up at a 90 degree angle and releases the touchpad cable. After that you pull the cable from the connector. may looking at the first diagram you will understand the Statement.

On the following picture you will see the damaged connector. I wasn’t careful enough and separated the locking tab from the base.

Unfortunately, there is no way to attached broken tab back.

The second picture will show you how to fix it .

Insert the touchpad cable back into the connector. The touchpad cable has contacts on the bottom side – the side which is facing the motherboard.

In order to work properly the cable contacts have to touch contacts inside the connector but it’s not happening when the locking tab is missing.

In the third picture below :

you have to Find a small piece of plastic. It has to fit inside the connector and be thick enough to fit tightly between the four metal hinges and touchpad cable. Insert this piece of plastic into the connector. Make sure the touchpad still seated inside.

The following picture you see in fourth picture is showing that the connector “fixed”. It doesn’t look the same as before but nevertheless the cable secured inside. The piece of plastic applies pressure on the cable and it makes good connection with the contacts. The touchpad works again! Now you can secure the connection with tape. This simple trick has fixe my touchpad.

Then coming to the fifth picture.

Here’s another type of touchpad connector.

The locking tab is broken and also separated from the base.

The sixth picture:

in the post is tell you on how to position the broken tab the way it was plugged before but do not push it into the connector yet.

Moreover, have you ask your self how you can now insert the cable all the way into the connector.

look at the picture and you will will the way to do it perfect .

Looking at the picture, while holding the cable, Push the tab into the connector. Even though the looking tab is broken it, it should secure the cable. Again apply some tape over the connection to secure it.


At the process of this event, please follow the steps below and you will see the touchpad working perfect for you.

Do not be afraid or panicked when seeing some difficult problem on it, you need to try it and see your self.

I hope you enjoyed the whole steps; at least I break them down with the help of picture for you to understand it.

Also, feel free to drop your questions on the comment section in case you are confused for Easiest Way to repair broken in any way or reach out to me through the contact form. I promise to respond and be of help.

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